Introducing mother and son travelers Vicki and Ben

Vicki Baublitz, not with her son here.

This is Vicki

Introducing Vicki Baublitz and her 10-year-old son, Ben.

Vicki and I met on a Women’s travel group online as she posted something useful about sewing her own waist pouch. We got to know one another via chats about sewing (skirts with pockets!), shoes, packing and places. At the time, she wrote “Wow, your blog is awesome! I’ve been reading it all morning.” and “Ugh, I can’t get off your blog.”

Then she hit the road for a while — with her 10-year-old son as her travel companion — and as I read her updates, it was my turn to say that her writing was awesome. So I asked her if she’d allow me to share her words here. Happily, she said yes.

Several women have told me they wonder about traveling with a child, whatever that child’s age. So, if you’re thinking of traveling with a youngster, here’s some perspective and experience for you.

I’m excited to have Vicki share her adventures and travel experiences with you!
I’m certain we will all learn from it.

So, this site has a new author and a new category.
Each of Vicki’s posts will begin with these words:

“This is another installment of Vicki B & 10-year-old Ben on the road
by Vicki Baublitz”

Let’s see where she and Ben take us.

[I’ve cheated the date here to have this be the intro post. I really wrote it about 10 days into her trip.]

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