How Vicki & her 10-year-old son decided to travel in Europe for 10 weeks

This is the first installment of Vicki B & her 10-year-old son Ben on the road.
Tuscany, Italy
by Vicki Baublitz

A few months ago I decided to take [my daughter] Bonnie to Scotland for a week this summer.

While researching it I learned that we could take a four-hour scenic train ride to London for only $25. That seemed fun, so I looked into what we could do in London. Harry Potter tour!

And then, looking at the map, I saw that it was just a short ferry ride across the English channel and there’s France! We could go to Paris!

And look – it’s just a short skip over to Italy!
Our one-week itinerary slowly morphed into ten weeks.

Somewhere in there, I decided it wouldn’t be fair to leave Ben home, so then it was three of us going. The day before I bought our plane tickets Bonnie was offered a summer job. She dropped me like yesterday’s used Kleenex.

Vicki and Ben: Tuscany gelato

Ben enjoying Tuscany gelato

And that is how Ben and I ended up eating gelato by ourselves this week in Tuscany.

Photos to follow. As soon as I get a better internet connection. :)

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