A hedgehog up close – Golan Heights Israel 1

What was this?

What was this?

I was in the kitchen enjoying cake and coffee at The Golan Heights Hostel, when I heard a bunch of people saying “ooohhh,” so I looked up.

I had no idea what this girl was holding so lovingly and carefully. An Israeli desert shrub maybe? Then she put it down. We watched from a distance and someone noticed it was moving, breathing slowly, rocking slightly.

It was a Hedgehog!
So I took some video for us, but only from a distance.

Don’t worry. He’d been in the road. He just came for a short visit and was brought back to a safe place so he can go back to his family. Hedgehogs mate for life and do miss their mates. The Golan Heights natives here at The Golan Heights Hostel never want these sweet pretty much invisible creatures to be run over in the dark. (The beautiful Golan Heights Hostel was created in 2014 to be gateway to all the Golan Heights has to offer — and it is. This is just one great unexpected experience I’ve had here.)

(But after my video plays, the stuff YouTube puts up is not by my choice and I do not approve of it.)


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