Music and bonfire dinner in Qatzrin (Katzrin) Israel

Upon arrival at the comfortable Golan Garden Hostel in Qatzrin (Katzrin) , Israel, I was invited to the Bonfire Music Jam and Donation Dinner. After a fast tour of this nice, comfortable hostel, some great conversations and a bit of work time, it was time to head to the bonfire. I was hungry and ready, as were we all.

Arriving at the bonfire. Rosh Pina & Tzfat light the distance.

Arriving at the bonfire. Rosh Pina & Tzfat light the distance.

This clearing and fire ring were an easy 15 minute walk from the Golan Garden Hostel.

I asked what town we were seeing in the distance. The lights in foreground are Rosh Pina and those at the top of the mountain are Tzfat. After living in Tzfat for so long and looking out at the lights of other towns, I was now enjoying the lights of Tzfat in my view.

It was a beautiful warm evening.

Perfect weather, stars high above us. People from a variety of countries.

The fire was even interesting. There was a basalt rock in the fire ring. When the air inside it became very hot it popped in half! I’m glad I wasn’t sitting as close as I had been! I stayed back after that and the same rock popped a few more times, but we were used to it by then. :)

The dinner itself was interesting. Frederic (from Holland)  is working to eliminating wasted thrown-out food in the world. Our dinner consisted of veggies that were about to be thrown away by the seller. Potatoes, zucchini, and carrots that had been individually wrapped in foil were all tossed onto the hot embers, eaten when ready.

My first course was a single potato. Nicely cooked. Second course was another potato that I’d thought would be a zucchini. Third course was a large thick carrot, which I split in three and shared. Fourth course was the zucchini, well two small ones.  Next came another potato, with perfectly crisp browned skin. That was my favorite. Dessert was fire-popped popcorn. Two bags. All served with great conversation and quiet music. All well enjoyed along with the atmosphere of dancing fire and the fabulous aroma of smoke.

You know that association with danger that people have when they think of the Golan Heights? That’s not the reality. The reality is beautiful scenery and terrific weather when the rest of Israel is so hot, and very nice people who all get along.


Michael adds a beat to the night.

Alon sees my camera. That's part of Quazrin behind him.

Alon sees my camera. That’s part of Quazrin behind him.

Alon, Golan Garden's owner, adds musical atmosphere to our evening.

Alon, Golan Garden’s owner, adds musical atmosphere to our evening.

Frederic stocks the fire.

Frederic stocks the fire.


Good times continue.


Fire-popped popcorn! Who knew?
Alon not only made popcorn but even brought paper popcorn cones for it!


Beautiful conversation, beautiful night.

Some other guests joined us after we’d eaten, in time for the popcorn, but I’d already put my camera away.

Kudos to Alon and Milou, the owners of the Golan Garden Hostel in Qatzrin (Katzrin) Israel!
By the way, they met traveling.

PS: As I am about to hit Publish on this post I hear Milu arriving with the ingredients for homemade pizza dinner. And for lunch today we headed out for fresh Hummus, some of the best in Israel, which I will post as well.

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