Gotta get GoGo internet when I get going

Funny how things go….
Yesterday I was in a remote village in Panama where there is no Panama-supplied electricity. After a day with my adorable 9 year old guide, as this trip is coming to an end for me, I gave him my flashlights — including the great little GoGo light I was given at an event.

Today, as I make plans to arrive home, and as a client called with more work, I realized I want to get GoGo in-the-air Internet service for my flight home.

I just spoke to GoGo Customer Care on their toll free like (via my MagicJack iPhone app) and asked them:
“what if I have a problem or question while I am actually on the airplane? I won’t be able to phone.”
The response impressed me:
While in the air, you can chat with Customer Care even if you do not have a functioning account or day pass.
This is quite logical, but many companies would overlook this Catch-22 situation. I am happy to know that if I have a problem with my GoGo Internet service while on the plane and needing Internet, I will be able to get help. Of course, it also helps people decide whether the GoGo in-the-air Internet service is a good choice for them.


As soon as my first American Airlines flight home was in the air, I tried to log in. I received a polite message saying GoGo wasn’t available. I waited until I thought we were at the right altitude but GoGo still wasn’t available, so I asked a flight attendant. He told me that as my flight was international, it didn’t have this service. However, this American Airlines attendant assured me I would have GoGo on my next flight. I was ok with this. I needed the internet to be able to telephone my brother for my ride home from the airport. (My phone call would be via MagicJack or Vonage Mobile app. I gave up my AT&T phone number before traveling due to AT&T’s high international rates.) During a one hour flight delay, I checked with the American Airlines check-in staff about having GoGo. And as we were now delayed, it was more important than ever that I call home. I was told that this flight did not have GoGo either. I would have tried to ask why, but the women working this American Airlines desk were far from kind, nice, sweet, or decent to me that evening. So I don’t know why my flight lacked the service or whether it would have normally had it. I do know that our flight delay was due to “electrical issues” though. And I do know they said the issues were fixed.

For those who are wondering, a couple of kind passengers allowed me to use their iPhones to call my family. And I took a shuttle home as I would not permit someone to come for me after 1:30am.

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