Daily Archives: February 18, 2013

My travel SteriPen will now help a child have safe water

The morning before I left the good people of the tiny village of Pueblo Nuevo, I used my SteriPEN UV light water purifier one last time as I purified one more bottle of water for my trip back to Panama City.

I got good use out of this SteriPEN but as I go back to Los Angeles, where I am lucky enough to have healthy, safe water, emergencies aside, I know my trusty SteriPEN can be put to much better use here. It will now be used to purify water for the newest baby in the village.

Gotta get GoGo internet when I get going

Funny how things go…. Yesterday I was in a remote village in Panama where there is no Panama-supplied electricity. After a day with my adorable 9 year old guide, as this trip is coming to an end for me, I gave him my flashlights — including the great little GoGo light I was given at an event. Today, as I make plans to arrive home, and as a client called with more work, I realized I want to get GoGo in-the-air Internet service for my flight home. UPDATE: I just spoke to GoGo Customer Care on their toll free like (via my MagicJack iPhone app) and asked them: “what if I have a problem or question while I am actually on the airplane? I won’t be able to phone.” The response impressed me: While in the air, you can chat with Customer Care even if you do not have a […]