Chinese food in San Salvador

Note October 21, 2020: This place may be out of business. The website is not working. But I’m keeping the link in case it returns or works again.

My friends here like two Chinese restaurants in San Salvador, so I have been to both.


This is a meal at 168 – Uno Seis Ocho, [now gone, which was] located right across from the World Trade Center, WTC and its plaza’s iconic Tower Futura. Each dish was $8.50. They will give you glasses of filtered bottled water upon request, or if you are into unnecessary plastic poisoning you can buy bottled water. I don’t believe bottled water is necessary in this fine restaurant.

Oh! Pollo Frito Con Fresas – Strawberry Chicken! I love Orange Chicken and Lemon Chicken in the states, but this was my first time ever hearing of strawberry chicken. It is good! A new favorite.

All of the food has been great here. I have been there twice and will return.

The budget traveler or backpacker who seeks a treat might like to know they have $5.25 lunch plates too, that come with soup, spring roll, rice, dish, I believe.

I am with friends Frida and Adrian.

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