Batman movie at Gran Villa

I was invited by my local friend Frida to join her and a family seeing the new Batman movie at the Gran Villa, the nicest of the malls in San Salvador. In Los Angeles I would not have gone to see this film, but here there was no question of not going as I have not yet been to a movie in El Salvador.

I loved this film. It started out with so much action that I was lost, and I was trying very hard to catch it all and remember it to tell Adrain as he was joining us. But after that first scene it got easier, and soon Adrian arrived. Good story, great mix of emotion and action and humor, great use of action.

The theater was beautiful as well. It was very much like the one at The Grove in Los Angeles in every way. The only difference is that here, like it was when I was in London, your seat tickets are numbered so you have assigned seats.

As the film started I had wondered if it would be dubbed into Spanish but, happily, it was original English with Spanish subtitles. Funny thing about subtitles… when there is a lot of action and noise you can’t actually hear the words of a film, but they are reported in the subtitles. Of course those are in Spanish and i am just learning Spanish. But two of these three times, they helped me. I felt so proud. :)