Collapse•it food containers — perfect food storage 3

Two Collapse-it container: one packaged, one open.

The 1 and 2 cup Collapse•it containers.

Fabulous food storage containers for home or for travel. The best space-saving food-savers I’ve ever seen.

I LOVE these Collapse•it containers!

As you can guess, one reason I love them is that they’re collapsible. But there are so many other reasons. They’re an excellent addition to any home and also work for travel.

They are clear. Perfectly clear. You can see what you’re storing.

They collapse brilliantly.
They fold about mid-way, folding back on themselves. This takes up the least amount of height and gives you a good, usable container. They fold down to about ½ their full height.

Their shape provides strength, and lets you get everything out of the container. The silicon walls are thick (but flexible). 

They’re safe. They’re  non-allergenic, and contain no toxins, no PBA, no phthalates, no lead.

Food doesn’t stick and they are easy to clean.

The 1 cup Collapse•it food container, collapsed.

The 1 cup Collapse•it food container, collapsed.

They’re watertight. This surprised me. As soon as I was handed this blue one pictured, I filled it with water, put the lid on (impressed by that seal), then turned the handle and pushed it down. I dried it off to be certain of my test. And then I turned it upside down and shook it — vigorously. Not a drop of water came out. Nor did it leak when I passed it to others to test.

They are rated microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. (You pull the lid’s handle/plunger up for ventilation to use in the microwave.)

They come in 4 sizes: 1 cup, 2 cups, 4 cups, and 6 cups. As a home-owner I’d have a few of each size. However, as a traveler, I carry just two — the 1 cup and the 2 cup.

Collapse•it food storage containers.

Collapse•it food storage containers.

I took my two containers with me on my Austin trip and have been using them regularly to make sure they hold up before I give them any of my valuable travel bag space.

  • I’ve used them for my favorite yogurt treat, mixing cocoa powder and cinnamon into the yogurt right in the 2-cup bowl, then letting it sit in the freezer a while. I then enjoy my treat, eating right out of this container. Because of the container’s shape and flexibility, I get to slide my spoon around their edges and easily enjoy every drop.
  • I’ve used them to store my grilled onions and chicken dish, putting the spare food in fairly hot, then placing it in the refrigerator. The next day, and days later, there is no residual smell of onions. Same for broccoli, green beans, and more.
  • And, as I’ve said,  I’ve placed one of these containers in the freezer with yogurt in it.

You have to try these to see how great they are. They really seal. Really, really, really seal! I’ve been using the Glad or Rubbermaid containers for the past year and I can never trust that they’re sealed. But I know that I can put food, even liquids, into my Collapse•it containers and not worry about whether they fall sideways in my carry bag.

I have met the man who created Collapse•it food storage containers, so I know how much thought he has put into these fabulous containers. I also learned that he has other experience in the food service area, with other successful lines.

So… if you’re backpacking or otherwise traveling around a lot with any one single bag, are these great to take with you? They’ll pack well for sure because they not only collapse well, but ware also flexible so I don’t think they’ll be damaged if they get crushed. They’re very durable. But if every ounce counts, you might find these heavy. If that’s the case though, keep an eye on this company because they’re looking at ways to create a lighter version.

You can purchase Collapse•it food storage containers at Sur la Table, at The Baker’s Kitchen, online at and at other places, too, of course.

The official website: Collapse•it containers


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3 thoughts on “Collapse•it food containers — perfect food storage

  • Kelly

    I just wanted to thank you for this review. I really appreciate the thought and time you put into telling us what we’d want to learn about this product. Your review helped us decide to buy Collapse-It. We’re looking forward to trying it out.

  • Jeff Rains

    The containers are grate, but cleaning out bad food will leave a smell I can’t seem to get out of them, I have tried baking soda that didn’t work any ideas on what to use. I know trying not to let food go bad in the first place .