Daily Archives: March 21, 2014

Collapse•it food containers — perfect food storage 3

Fabulous food storage containers for home or for travel. The best space-saving food-savers I’ve ever seen. I LOVE these Collapse•it containers! As you can guess, one reason I love them is that they’re collapsible. But there are so many other reasons. They’re an excellent addition to any home and also work for travel. They are clear. Perfectly clear. You can see what you’re storing. They collapse brilliantly. They fold about mid-way, folding back on themselves. This takes up the least amount of height and gives you a good, usable container. They fold down to about ½ their full height. Their shape provides strength, and lets you get everything out of the container. The silicon walls are thick (but flexible).  They’re safe. They’re  non-allergenic, and contain no toxins, no PBA, no phthalates, no lead.