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While we’re on the road, busy with experiencing new and different foods, we also want to stay healthy. We may not eat well every day. We may become too tired. We many try too many sweets… But it appears that bananas can help us compensate for that kind of lifestyle, helping to keep us healthy.

Bananas should be available almost everywhere you travel — and in many places, they aren’t expensive.

According to over 130 countries grow bananas. There are certainly enough countries in enough regions, per the chart there that is from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Bananas are an easy travel food. They come wrapped and sealed in their own container. They don’t require a can opener or a knife to eat them. Their wrapper is organic so it’s easy to dispose of. (Some people eat the peels as well.)

Bananas are a safe travel food. Because they come wrapped and don’t require a knife and you don’t have to wash them, so you avoid the risks of contamination by bad water.

This Bright Side video shows us 7 great health benefits of bananas.

Bear in mind though that they don’t mention that if you have chronic kidney disease, migraines, and maybe other issues, you need to limit your banana intakes. So keep reading after you watch it.

Do 2 bananas a day seem like too much? How about One Banana a Day, per this article in the SF Gate?

Now that you’ve watched this video, have a look at this article or one like it that discusses the pros and cons more in-depth. It provides more support about what the video says but also discusses health risks: Reference: Bananas: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts.

Yet more about Bananas

Each of these articles provides more details.

Bananas and Migraines

Bananas are a known migraine trigger and maybe also contribute to other headaches so Everyday Health recommends that if you get migraines you have just half a banana a day. You can read about it in this article, 8 Foods That Trigger Headaches.

Interestingly though, in this article, Eat a banana and sit up straight – how the experts beat headaches, in the Daily Mail, September 2012, says that eating a banana is actually good for you when you have a migraine.

Bananas and Kidneys

If you have chronic kidney disease you’ll need to read up on the issues of potassium. However, bananas can also reduce the chances of developing kidney stones. This article, Benefits and health risks of bananas, in Medical News Today, discusses this. Please find more reading as well and feel free to share it in the comments below.

In conclusion…

Actually, we’ll each draw our own conclusion.

Now… go travel!

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