Airport wi-fi access around the word – by Matador Networks

The folks at Matador Network have created a new tool that can be helpful to every traveler. It’s an online database of available airport wi-fi networks and the info about them, including their passwords.

You can use the beautiful map on their site by clicking on the airport to reveal the info on the left or you can download a version for iOS or Android. I recommend downloading or redownloading closer to your travel date.

Of course, passwords change and things happen so they will be updating the info. Readers can even add what we discover.

Their article is called Mapped: Wireless passwords from airports and lounges around the world — and just to be clear, this title here is a link to the article.


Note:  I am not providing links to those downloads because it’s best (and fairer to their website) if you go there and then click to download.


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