Valladolid on to Merida Mexico

After waking in Vallodolid (va ya doulid) at 8:30 having a light hot shower and a leisurely morning that included doing my fingernails putting on makeup and Andrew’s bracelets as well as putting my hair up, I did some email.

I need to decide what to do about my work and writing. Can I really write on an iPhone? Get an iPad? Buy a new Air? I vacillate between the flexibility a new Mac brings me and the freedom of not having one. I have not yet released my upset over losing my Mac. Backpackers do travel with computers. I think everyone save for a couple had one at last nights hostel.

Anyway, the hostel closed at noon and wanted 40 pesos to keep my bag for the day. I have no idea when I would be able to get it back. There is a Cinote right in town but while it would be refreshing, it is not fun alone, so I am skipping that. Had I been able to keep my bag for any amount of time I think I’d have walked over to it. Instead I started off to ADO bus station with a nice Italian couple I met. (the man sported an apple logo so we talked. Yes he travels with his mac. 2 people, 2 computers, months, from San Francisco (apple append google included) down thru Mexico.). The Town Square was within sight just a few blocks away so with some advice from them, I walked over, full pack on my back, Boston thongs on my feet, Merrill shoes in my canvas bag.

Valladolid Town Square

There is a stylish church anchoring one side of the square but it locked up just as I touched the door. I walked through the small park, stopping to take a panoramic shot of it from church, past the fountain, to some of the regular buildings that are the style of this town.

The town is Colonial, I am told. The buildings are right angles, deep golds and reds that are old world and elegant, simple, solid, honest, unpretentious, attractive.


Town square

At the other end of the square, across the small 2-3 lane street, is an arch-covered open-arch sided, indoor market of product stalls, elegant gold shops, and cocinas (food stalls).



My lunch

My eyes went to the large round glasses of fresh juice and I ordered a fresh mixture of orange, carrot, papaya, no water or sugar added. 20 pesos. Cold and sweet and fantastic. And the carrot is fiber, something that alludes me here. For food I ordered 4 tacos that are in a tamotoe sauce and are a local thing. 40 pesos. 3 tacos fill me. One still sits on my plate. it was enjoyable to eat as I watched the world outside and felt the fresh breeze that flows through this market so well. I was the only non-Mexican here.


Right next door is a beautiful hotel and restaurant. The tables surround a classic fountain and the decor is muted tiles and greenery. I liked my market just fine but with friends as company and conversation this is a place to have a great mealtime get together. And now I know where the more mature visitors to this town might go, myself included. Lunch runs about 98 pesos to 140. The hotel is about $80 I was told by a local.

To the Bus

I then headed to the bus station to go to Medida. Daniel is very easy-going about when I arrive, day or time. I ran into a British man I’d met last night. He was looking for info on the collectivo to Chizen Itza as I left the bus station.


My bus ticket

In 5 minutes, at 3:02pm, I board the bus. 148 pesos for the direct bus. For 90 I could have taken the bus that stops in every town along the way. I’d get to see the towns that way but I prefer to arrive 1.5 hours sooner. I learned the price and time differences thanks to traveller Fernando and his friend as they arrived. They will be in Merida in 3 days so Fernando suggested maybe we can go around together. I have his cell in my coin purse and he has my email. (Note: I forgot about this until too late as I returned to this post to add the photo.)

There is not a single traveller on my bus. I was hoping. But it is a very comfortable bus. Clean and plush, repeat with reclining seats, window shades and a TV. Watching can help me with Spanish. (i must find out what this surfing penquin animated movie is.) My backpack is checked below. They give a receipt for each bag.

This is my first time actually writing something down as it happens. That feels good. I now have 2 hours to watch the scenery, watch tv and type it my thoughts on this iPhone.

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