This big world

For New Year’s, my friend and GoLive Bible Tech Editor, Richard Gaskin wrote to me: “Wherever you are in this big world right now…”

His words struck me.

We talk about technology making the world smaller, and it is true that technology enables so much more communication that the world gets smaller. Indeed, GoLive, for example, was developed in Germany, my Acquistions Editor was in New Jersey, the Editors were in other states, and Richard and I were in Los Angeles. I simply worked around the clock, able to have email conversations with the Germany starting at 3am and a book on how to create websites with the best software was born. (That’s the simple version but it will do for here.)

Indeed, in 2012 the world became even larger for me.

My plan had been to go quickly from The Yucatan to Panama covering that tiny map area of Central America quickly, then to spend a year in South America. Instead, I spent a year in Central America! It was 10 months before I got to Panama.

I had travelered before. I spent 3 years on the road around the world. Much of, not all of, the world, that is. I was well aware that while seeing one town, I was not seeing each of the towns to the east or north or south or west. To a large degree I remembered this. In fact, I have said it to people many times over the years when they have said I have seen all of the world. But to some extent, I lost some of the scale of the world.

This IS a big world! An amazing, great, big world!