The best flashlight EVER – survived a Holocaust concentration camp

When I visited my friend Danny in San Salvador and told him about my cherished and much-appreciated Energizer Solar 3 LED Flashlight solar/windup flashlight, he showed me what I believe is THE BEST flashlight and one of THE BEST pieces of technology EVER invented and manufactured. In this sadly disposable world, we can all learn from this well-created piece of technology.

The flashlight Danny holds here was his grandfather’s. His grandfather was able to have it with him when imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp and he managed to hold on to it. This amazing piece of technology, manufactured in Holland by Philips, provided much cherished light to his grandfather and those held along with him. It works simply by pressing the lever — and it still works! In fact, I believe it still has the original light bulb!

Looking up the model on the web, I see several stories about this light. One is that it was made for the German army, another was that it was used in Holland and elsewhere because people had to keep blackout conditions to avoid being bombed. Whatever the history, this lightweight aluminum-ish metal flashlight is an example for today’s manufacturers to follow and I am happy knowing that this one brought some relief or sight or study time to men who suffered some of mankind’s most horrible moments.




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