How to shower while you travel 3

I know… the title of this post is rather odd. You know how to shower. What could you possibly have to do differently to shower while you are traveling — unless you’re camping out and your shower is a jug of water hanging in a tree?


The answer is nothing — unless you want to be sure you won’t get caught with a head full of shampoo or a body full of soap.

Picture this. You’ve been on the plane,  bus, or train for hours. Or you’ve been walking for hours. Or you’ve been at the black-sand beach or out gazing at pyramids in the hot air. You get back to your hotel, hostel, guest house, host, or the home of your far-removed long-lost relative.

You turn on the hot water….

Stick Deb showing

Scrubbing away the grubby 1

I write this in my head with every shower so odd as it may be, I just have to write this. One of the things I put quite a bit of effort into was finding the best solution for keeping my skin feeling fresh, clean and alive as I live out of a backpack. At home I would have a fresh washcloth, one of those newfangled plastic round soap-up things, or a nice long loofa sponge. On the road a washcloth might be an answer but it can easily become rancid smelling. That big round thing is a space issue and would hang like a Pom-Pom from your pack to dry. I love a loofa because it enables you to rub gently or scrub harder to give you as much clean as your skin needs. (If you are from a cool climate you will understand once you hit a tropical […]