Still at Mango Creek Lodge

Although I LOVE it here, I cannot stay forever.

I had planned to leave today, going to Dalia’s sister’s home (for a few days) when Dalia finished working. My clothes were clean, my backpack packed up nicely. But as it turns out, they felt water was too rough for me and my backpack to be comfortable and dry in Delia’s small boat, so I am back in my room up the hill, again enjoying the breeze from the fan above my head and the sounds of Roatan’s tropical jungle life and breezes outside my patio doors.

Tonight’s dinner was a fabulous beef and shrimp kebab. It wasn’t quite Teriyaki. It is Dalia’s own concoction — a bit sweet and a bit spicy. Lucky for everyone who doesn’t get to eat Dalia’s cooking here, she is putting it in her recipe book.


Oh, I haven’t had time to mention yet that I am helping her with a recipe book. A Cruiser that came through in 2009 created this recipe book and guests have loved buying it, so while still on the sailboat, I volunteered to help update it. As she created the marinade and grilled the kebabs, I documented it. Patrice had some good ideas for the book too.

Over dinner one of the guests commented that the meat was so tender and perfectly cooked. (I’d been noticing that as well.) Her fellow guest said Dalia must have cooked the various components separately. No, I was able to tell them, she’d cooked them all together mixed on the skewers exactly as she served them. Well, she definitely has an amazing talent then, that guest replied. I agree. We all already knew she is a talented cook, great at adding unique flavors to her meals.

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