Lost your glasses? How to See Without Glasses. 1

Have you ever wanted to read a sign in the distance but it’s just too blurry to read? Maybe you have glasses but you’d rather not dig them out of your bag. Here’s a trick for you.

This well-done Minute Physics video on YouTube shows us a simple tip that allows us to focus our eyes if we don’t have our eyeglasses (lenses) handy. It also explains vision very well.

The key or trick is a pinhole. I once had a pair of glasses that were full of pinholes and were to retrain the eyes to focus. They worked to allow clear vision without glasses, but I didn’t try the retaining but just got them because they were interesting. This is the same physics.

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One thought on “Lost your glasses? How to See Without Glasses.

  • vicki

    I watched this while wearing my pinhole glasses, lol. I’m trying desperately to stave off getting glasses. Great info, thanks!