Ron Botran Guatemalan rum, friends, lightning, and my radio show

I am sitting outside in perfect air, talking and hanging out with some traveling friends.

They are enjoying Ron Botran – 12 year old Guatemalan rum, 80 proof, loving how smooth it is. 1/2 of a 5th cost 50q here, about $7.

One friend here, Kevin, just recorded my Computer Talk Radio segment with me, talking about his Nook. Wi-Fi is slow here so instead of Skype we recorded on Voxer on my iPhone. My iPhone battery was fully dead so my Scosche battery ran the phone. (I have lost count of how many times that Scosche battery has kept me going.)

We are also enjoying a lightning show in the distance.

I am so happy that I heard from my great Los Angeles friend Andrew tonight.

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