Repac reusable food bags for travel

As I pull out my sandwich and cookies for lunch, I realize I have been remiss in writing about one of my always-with-me pieces of simple technology.

My two Repac reusable sandwich-sized bags have been with me from the start of my Central America adventure a year ago. I plan to continue using them for many years to come — at home and when I am back out traveling again.

Unfortunately, this company has stopped making/selling these great bags. I’m sorry for the loss. The woman behind them was great and caring.

These bags are designed primarily for packing sandwich lunches — and I am certain they are terrific for this use. But I found them useful as a traveler as well.

  • One is sized to hold a sliced bread sandwich securely intact.
  • The other works for bread rolls and larger sandwiches.

Why I travel with Repac bags

They are lined so food doesn’t absorb. They can easily be washed with dish soap and water. They dry well.

I use them to store slices of bread or rolls because living on the road I share bags of these items and don’t always have closets and shelves.

I use them to hold cookies after I open a bag. I stash chips or pretzels.

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