Redondo Beach get-away packing

I’m back to living in my adopted hometown for a while, so you might not call that traveling. But LA is a major travel destination — and I am traveling within it this weekend!

From Friday morning until Tuesday evening, I’ll be a guest of a long-time Mac-friend in Redondo Beach. I get to show her all the tricks of the iPhone, see friends, and enjoy the beach air and all that Redondo Beach and the Redondo Beach Marina and Pier have to offer.

My ChicoBag Travel Pack - packed forRedondo Beach and Marina

Clothing packed, plenty more room

My bag is packed!

Going away for just 5 days, I can travel light. I have over-packed for these days.

In my light-weight daypack, my ChicoBag Travel Pack rePETe is:

  • 1 skirt that just covers my knees
  • 2 short-sleeve tee shirts
  • 1 tank top
  • 2 shorts for water or beach
  • 1 bath full-size but not plush towel (I don’t like plush.)
  • 6 pairs of underwear
  • 3 bras

The extra space is for one of my fabulous 3oz refillable Brincatti bottles*, which houses my shampoo, my bar of soap, razor, a small bag of Q-Tips, hair brush, wash cloth.

The bag is:  9.5″w x 17.5″h x 6″ deep
Capacity: 915 cubic inches / 15L
Weight: 7.2 ounces / .45 pounds

When I went away from Kraków to Tarnow for an overnight that turned into about 10 days, summer of 2014, this is the same backpack I carried on my back. I also had the same computer, although in a different bag (that now lives in Tzfat, Israel) and I had my ChicoBag Sling bag to carry my very stuffable, lightweight just-in-case sleeping bag (which I never needed after all on that jaunt). This stuffable, lightweight backpack just keeps hanging in there for me.

Also with me for my hanging out outdoors time:

My friends and I each have our Bottle Sling, by yes, ChicoBag. I discovered this after walking miles nearly every day for my year in hot Central America carrying a 1-liter water bottle that was bothersome, especially when my hands were tired, hot, and sweaty.

And a lamp and another device to keep away mosquitos. I haven’t tried it yet to share info with you.

What I’ll wear — and could still fit into my ChicoBag:

  • Light cotton dress by
  • Sandals, maybe the Haviannas I bought to walk Petra in Jordan,  but they’re really not good.

What’s in Redondo Beach?

Maybe you wonder what’s in Redondo Beach because it’s not a beach you’re heard of before.

So what’s here for me, besides visiting my friend? Well, it’s actually a full town, full of schools and homes and shopping malls, etc. But from a holiday perspective…

  • The Redondo Beach Marina. It’s an easy place to do a bit of kayaking. There are paddle boats there too, and at the right time of year, there is Whale Watching.
  • Then just a tad south of the actual marina, there’s wide, sandy beach for some sand and some water.
  • There’s a nice small-town feeling area as well, with nice places to sit or shop and enjoy the air. It’s a good place to have some coffee or ice cream.


*I have used my Brincatti bottles almost continuously and daily since March 2012. I had 3 for 1 year of travel. After that year, I got a 4th, not replacing any other. So, I can’t say I used one for all these years (2012-2016) but to use a shampoo (well, liquid) bottle for more than a year is pretty amazing, I believe, so 4 years and going strong… well, that impresses me!

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