Recording Computer Talk Radio at crazy hours as I travel

Computer Talk Radio logoIt is 4:19 a.m. on this now-Wednesday pre-dawn day.
I just finished recording my weekly Computer Talk Radio segment because the engineer is in the US, 9 hours behind my time (here in Israel). Tuesday evening was always my time slot to record and it’s Tuesday evening in California now.

The topic this week was my long-time method of doing taxes. I am a huge Excel-tracking + [not online] TurboTax fan and recommend [your computer-based] TurboTax for everyone — even if you hire someone to do your taxes. If you’re into “what-if” scenarios and are thinking about starting your own business or making some income changes, TurboTax is a great tool to see how those changes may play out.

Anyway, the show is recorded. Our listeners will learn, and me…

Now I can go to bed and sleep 7 hours straight rather than try to sleep at midnight but not get to sleep until my usual 2 a.m., then wake at 5:30 with just 3 hours of sleep, record and be awake but not rested enough to make it through the day, then sleep again.

I’m pretty sure the cleaning staff here at Ascent Tzfat thinks I am so lazy sleeping until 10 a.m. Until I learn Hebrew I can’t explain this crazy schedule to them.

This isn’t really my only crazy sleep/work timing. In order to communicate with my clients in real time, I need to do so when they are at work. That’s 3-5 a.m. for me.

Ah yes, the easy traveler’s life…

Not that I don’t love this life! It’s just a bit odder than my old life. That as on a national and international schedule at times too, but I was sleeping in my own bed in my own apartment and having my own home office back then.

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