Produce Artistry by Victor at RALPHS Supermarket in LA

Carrots & Broccoli by RALPH Food Artist, Victor

Carrots & Broccoli by RALPHS Produce Artist, Victor

Let’s see if, wherever you go in the world, you ever come across vegetable displays as great as these.

This is the work of a man named Victor.

Victor’s proud fellow RALPHS workers call him The Produce Artist.

As I was shopping for carrots, I kind of noticed how nice they looked — and then I noticed that I was picking out the carrots best for my needs one by one — and the carrots around them weren’t sliding all over the place! (The gaps you see on the right are where I pulled mine out.)

That’s when I took a good look and saw how beautifully they were laid out. They weren’t stacked. They were carefully blocked.

More Artistry by Food Artist Victor

More Artistry by Produce Artist Victor

I took out my camera (the SmartPhone I was testing) — and took a photo.

And as I took that photo, I noticed that the broccoli next to the carrots was also so well stacked. And then I noticed the next ones and the next ones….

I just had to ask who did these fantastic veggie displays and that’s how I learned about Victor The Produce Artist.

If you get to Los Angeles,
here’s where to find Victor’s displays:
RALPHS Supermarket
4760 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 937-4107

Scallions & Celery by Food Artist Victor.

Scallions & Celery by Produce Artist Victor.

Everyone I met at that RALPHS was kind, helpful, and seemed to love being there. That’s pretty amazing for a supermarket in Los Angeles.

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