Photos of a top hostel – Cumbres del Volcan, San Salvador

I have stayed in several hostels a I travelled this past year (2012) and have been lucky enough to find three charms – 3 hostels I absolutely recommend. Cumbres del Volcan is certainly in my top three hostel recommendations. Here are some photos that I took during my stay. (The Cumbres del Volcan Facebook page)

These photos are not edited. I did not special cleaning before taking them. The only difficult thing was to wait until there were not people in my shots.

Note: This was actually composed at the close of 2012 but I am dating it to coincide with my travel timeline.

View from the street.

Flowers greet you as you walk up the stairs.


The Living Room. The TV has cable so you have Spanish and English, plus DVD. The hall leads to the rooms.


Dining Room area, kitchen through door.

Kitchen. It has perfect dishes, pots, pans, and more! A real kitchen!

A fantastic refrigerator and freezer. They work perfectly.

Convenient, clean, effective laundry sink you can use for free. And a clean place to hang your clothing to dry. There is also a washer and drier, so they have laundry service for a fee.

Patio. The wi-fi reaches out here very well. Relax and enjoy the air. There are usually people sitting out here, enjoying their local meal, a cooked meal, or using the wi-fi.

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