Buying Peanut Butter in Israel 2

This is for all the Americans backpackers and other Americans who are traveling to Israel and love our Peanut Butter.

2015-06-15_Peanut-Butter-drippy-kind_iPhone4S-7732] As you shop for Peanut Butter in Israel, you’ll find plastic jars with screw tops like we’re used to in the USA — but you’ll also find a solid plastic contain with either a green or red lid.  The green container, pictured here, will say Natural Peanut Butter while the red one will say Sweet Peanut Butter.

I don’t think that in this case “natural” means it’s the healthier stuff like in the US. [Update: Mel Farris sent a comment so I can now amend this. As you see below, we now know this green container is 100% peanuts and has no sugar or salt.]

And it’s the same as the stuff in the screw-top containers.

This photo was not taken in extreme heat. This is actually the everyday state of this Peanut Butter.

Although you can spread this, it will drip and ooze easily. (That’s why I was dipping it instead of spreading it on my rice cake.

If you are planning on moving from one location to another, whether by carrying a backpack or having a valet handle your suitcases, carrying this kind is much more risky. The lid is pretty good, but it is not at all as safe as carrying the thick American style Peanut Butter with it’s screw-on lid.

It doesn’t taste any different from the thicker American style.

I can’t tell whether it is more healthy, or less, because I can’t read the Hebrew well enough.

In the US, I eat Ralph’s brand peanut butter which has half the fat and sugar as most peanut butter without increasing salt and tastes great. A friend once compared “my” peanut butter with the “healthy” brand she was buying and they were the same. Here, I’ll opt for the “American style” when I am on the road and need to carry some easy protein.

UPDATE: Read the comment below – Mel’s idea of dipping pretzels.

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2 thoughts on “Buying Peanut Butter in Israel

  • Mel Farris

    B& D Peanut Butter in the Green lid claims to be 100% peanuts. The company also makes smaller jars of 250ml for all of their peanut products. The Green lid contains no sugar nor salt.
    As far as dipping in the B&D peanut butter, I discovered a real treat is dipping large unsalted pretzels into the Green lid peanut butter to be a real treat. Taken with cold milk or with a good whisky makes the treat even better – a short trip to seventh heaven.