Ladies… that lace…

laceAnother Packing Tip:
Ladies, that lace undie you love…
Leave it unless you can weave it.

Lace undies are beautiful. They make us feel good. And best for a traveler, they are light weight.

However, lace is fragile and the garment won’t last long when worn and washed every two weeks or more as will be the case as you travel. So don’t count on fragile threads lasting. If you bring that lace, be ready with your sewing kit to reweave the pattern or pull the connected sections together.

Buying new undies in various countries, especially outside of big cities, is a challenge and sometimes not even possible if your size and shape is not common wherever you happen to be so don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll just replace it.

[This post was inspired as I sat sewing a thin bit of lace on an otherwise durable garment that I love having with me. I opted to pack this one this time around but I happen to  know how to design and sew my own clothes so the repair is doable for me.]

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