Laundry in Merida

As I write this, over half my clothing is drying in the breeze on a Merida rooftop.

By the time I arrived at Daniel’s, it was absolutly time to do laundry. Hand washing garments and hanging them to dry in my Cancun hotel rooms was not successful as 3 days later the items were still damp and smelled rancid.

This morning after the other 4 guests headed out on their way, I showered, did some sewing, then did my laundry. Daniel showed me how to use the washing machine. Using a bucket, we scooped water from the rooftop cistern to partly fill the machine. Adding the clothes and a bit of detergent, I turned the dial at the bottom to 13 minutes and watched the agitation. After 2 minutes it was clear that my clothing was very dirty. However I didn’t want to mess with the dial. Instead I let the hose down and emptied some of the water, replacing it. Later I did 2 3-minute rinses. After ringing out each piece I hung each from the cross work of plastic rope lines. By the time I’d hung the last items, my first hung skirt was almost dry. I look forward to having them back in place in my pack, smelling fresh.

It is nearly 1pm. I will soon walk to the avenue to find something to eat.

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