MagicJack provides US phone while traveling abroad

I have been enjoying calling the US for business and to speak with friends once in a while via Vonage Mobile app, but that communication was one-way unless the other person had the app too, and had my registered phone number in his address book.

Now people can call me again right from their own phones — because I finally got around to setting up MagicJack.

Funny thing…
To test my MagicJack phone (on my iPhone) I dialed my mom’s home number. I have been calling here for months via Vonage so I dialed just like I am used to: 001 (the US country code) and then her area code and phone number. But the call did not go through. I only got a message that I had reached the MagicJack test center and my call was successful. And then I learned — with MagicJack I am not calling from out of the US. With MagicJack I have a US phone number, so I only need to dial like I was in the states again. No country code.

That same hour, my mom was able to phone me — for the first time in 8 months. (Giving up my AT&T landline was hard; giving up my mobile number afterward was one of the hardest things about traveling. It was a major disconnect.)

It is huge to me that I can receive calls from friends back home again.

Thank you, MagicJack.

MagicJack, thank you.

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