Light-weight pazazz for women’s travel wardrobes


The Golden Girl design in gold

It can be a challenge to pack light while also being ready for the nicer events that come your way as you travel. Sometimes some extra sparkle can help.

Strapletz Jeweled Bra Straps offer a nice extra sparkle for woman who can wear a strapless bra, or a convertible bra which has removable straps. The Strapletz have open hooks on each end, and those open hooks need to slide into a fabric loop on the front and back of your bra.

If you select a Strapletz Jeweled Bra Strap for yourself as part of your travel wardrobe, remember to choose a design that’s lightest weight and won’t snag your top or dress as you wear it. Stay away from the straps that have Rhinestones or other set “jewels.” Go for the lighter-weight but still snazzy looking plastic-only straps.

Having seen the entire line in person, I recommend GOLDEN GIRL- Gold Beaded Bra Straps which comes in either gold or silver and sells for $24. This design weighs pretty much nothing, has no rough edges, and easily fits into you clothing bag. Pack them flat, lying them between clothing. Don’t roll or fold it.

You may soon be able to purchase Strapletz in stores but as I write this, you’ll need to buy them online at

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