Life is a bowl of cherries in Israel’s Golan Heights


Life CAN BE a bowl of cherries! Pick your own.

Americans have a saying…
“Life is a bowl of cherries”

Here in the Golan Heights where cherry groves abound, life when you visit The Golan Heights Hostel sure is!

And, man, these cherries are sweet!

I had no idea what to expect here and love the reality I have found.

If you get to Israel you can’t go wrong exploring this amazing northern area.

It’s cool and enjoyable in the summer when the rest of Israel is so hot.

There are 3 national parks full of history, beauty and views. Hikes, rafting, water hikes, hot springs, a winery… and the list goes on.

The local people are terrific, from moshav-dwelling locals to the Druze folks of the local villages. And the owners of the Golan Heights Hostel love telling you about all there is to do in the area and provide you will all the details you need to get to these activities by car, by bus, or on foot.

Back to the cherries…
Fruit is bountiful; not just cherries. I’ve had apricots and several sweet berries.




Want to know more? Want an incredibly affordable place to stay as a central location to explore the Golan Heights and owners who know the region having lived here all their lives and are eager to share it with you? Here’s the info you need:

I’ll be writing about the hostel soon. It’s one of the most perfect hostels, I’ve ever come across.


Wondering about the expression, Life is a bowl of cherries? It may have come from the 1931 song by that name, by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson, sung by several popular artists of the time and times to follow. Here is a film recording of Judy Garland singing it.

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