Kayte Deioma’s Things to Do in Los Angeles

Whether you’re visiting Los Angeles, thinking of traveling to LA, or live in Los Angeles — if you’re looking for Things to Do in Los Angeles,  columnist Kayte Deioma’s guide to Los Angeles at About.com can help. Kayte’s been collecting and publishing information about events in Los Angeles to guide locals and visitors alike for many years. She’s got post after post about what you can do in Los Angeles. Her LA event listings are well-written: easy to read, full of the necessary information, and complete with links.

You’ll also find things to do by topical breakdown, each with links to some of those related things you can do in LA:

On each post’s page, Kayte also provides links to secondary articles about things to do in LA.
For example:

And by the way…
Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions about Los Angeles

I have known Kayte for many years but only recently met her in person at press events. It was great to find out the author of a Los Angeles guide I refer to myself and refer others to is such a nice woman in person.

I actually write about Los Angeles too, and once thought I’d create my own guide to Los Angeles travel, listing events and things to do while in LA. But it’s a lot of work — and honestly, it just seemed silly when Kayte had the topic covered so well.

And Kayte is well traveled, too. :)

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