Learning about Fiji – in Israel

Today I shared Kava Kava, a traditional Fiji drink made from a root, with a great group of people from Fiji. I learned to clap my hands twice first, then drink it from their traditional bowl, then clap again.

I also learned that the women spread a floor covering and sit on that floor as they chop veggies and prepare food to be cooked. When cooking together for an event, it becomes a social thing and it’s nice.

No, I have not flown or otherwise been magically transported to Fiji. Fiji came to me – at the New Tiberias Hostel in Tiberias Israel.

This is what happens when you travel, stay in hostels, and say hello to other guests as you come across them.

Actually, I met them yesterday as two of the women were cooking and they offered me eggs and veggie stir fry. Then I saw them all again today as they had lunch and again they offered me some. As it was Shabbat and I had missed buying fruits and veggies, I very much welcomed their generous insistence that I share their food.

They are a group of about 10, some couples and some coworkers who met up in Israel and have been enjoying seeing the religious sites of their bible stories first-hand. It didn’t feel right to take their photos but I wish I had a photo of the Kava Kava and bowl to share.

May 16, 2015

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