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One of my fun little projects…
While in Jerusalem, I had bought 3D Slick paint that works on fabric. My intention was to use it on my backpack. But as I started to practice using this paint, decided to give my equipment a nicer looking identification than just my name written in permanent marker.

My puffy paint and a few of my newly decorated items.

My puffy paint and a few of my newly decorated items.

First I painted my name on my sturdy, handy Western Digital hard drive that’s been with me since 2011, the PORT case that protects my WD drive since 2014, my Innergie USB wall charger, both ends of my long red Ventev iPhone cable, my NewerTech cables and my Radtech cables (and Radtech wall charger and other stuff too.) It is, I think, a unique identifier.

All day yesterday and partly the night before, every time I looked at an item, I thought about putting my name on it using this puffy blue paint.

None has landed on my backpack yet but I have now put my name in a 3-D puffy blue ink on my Crystal body deodorant stick, my little make up kit, my tweezers, my hair brushes, two of my three fabulous reusable Brincatti shampoo bottles which have been with me since 2011, my dental floss, my shirt fuzz remover, my nail files and hair styling clips, my makeup mirror.

Move of my painted ID'd items.

Move of my painted ID’d items.

I also painted my disposable plastic bottle of  water (which I will reuse for a while). This paint is translucent and looks beautiful on the water bottle.

I even painted thick bumpy dots on a couple of keys so I can tell which key is which in the dark.

About the color…I looked at the orange and yellow but opted for a royal blue thinking those colors to gaudy from my backpack. I’d hoped the blue would be bright enough to be seen even on black canvas. Maybe it will but but I’ve found it is pretty much invisible on dark items. That’s ok though because it’s 3D paint so my name still appears. In fact, it’s kind of cool looking.

I love that I have a unique identification method. Plus, it’s fun to take an artistic break once in a while.

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