In humid climates bring iPhone saving port covers

A fellow traveler recently told me that she was in someplace — I forgot — Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central America, and living by the water. She said her smartphone was destroyed by the salt and humidity. I am lucky to have not had that problem, but then I wasn’t traveling with much having been robbed of my electronics in Cancun.


div class=”clearL”> Anyway, I want you all to know about this solution: Portectorz Port Protection for iPhone, iPad & More. (They even have sets for  some of the older MacBooks.)


Portectorz Port Protection for iPhone, iPad & More


Radtech’s Portectorz Port Protection for iPhone, iPad & More are made exactly to cover your ports so the humidity won’t get to them as badly. Plus, they keep gunk out and help keep your device ports working well despite the way you likely toss it into bags, or wherever as you travel. As their page says: “Ensures that sensitive ports remain clean, dry and sealed.”

Radtech has a variety of combos depending on your iOS device so have a look at Radtech’s page:

Portectorz are all precision molded so they’re smooth, elegant and befitting of any Apple device. They are made of Silicone and organic polyurethane so they protect the ports but also don’t get tacky feeling.



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