FABULOUS place to stay during travel on Lake Atitlán

This is what I walk out to in the morning.

It is the view from the dormitory of Posada Jaibalito. (You can have a similar view from a private room, too.)

Morning is 6 a.m. for me here — and I love it! The smell of smoke from the homes of surrounding Mayan families greets my nose. The air is full of chipping and other animal sounds that are better than music. The sun comes up behind a volcano mountain so it doesn’t get bright and warm until close to 8. Before that it is a bit of a romantic hazy light and its own warm color. I love it all!

Morning is laundry time. My clothes dry in the fresh air. I love the view from the roof — these rooftops and the hazy smoky sky being one.




I don’t recall what time of day I took each of these photos: there is no such thing as a bad time here and you get a great shot in every direction.


A hearty meat meal at Posada Jaibalito

A hearty meat meal at Posada Jaibalito

And the food at this place, Posada Jaibalito…

Sooooo good! $3 per meal.

This is not Guatemalan food. It is all sorts, lots being German. Well, sort of. Hans says he gave the women the recipe and then they did what they wanted to it.

Anyway, I love local food, but it is such a great, heathy change, full of flavor and fiber — something travelers need at times.

The prices sign at Posada Jaibalito when I was there.

The prices sign at Posada Jaibalito when I was there.

I learned of this place by word of mouth — the right way to learn of it. (And now you have my word.)

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