Cooking Plantains in Costa Rica

In San Salvador my friend Frida served sweetened yellow Plantains with each meal she served to me. All through El Salvador, sweetened yellow Plantains were a part of my meals.

Later, Oct 19, in Costa Rica…
I asked the fabulous Alonzo
(he runs a hostel I stayed at)
to show me how to cook them.
He used a touch of salt instead
and I liked them better than chips.

So throughout Costa Rica and into Panama, I started cooking slightly salted yellow Plantains as a filling staple part of my meals — and as a favorite snack.
They are also easy on a traveler’s budget in Central America.

These are some of my first. I didn’t have the slicing down well yet.

Plantains: half is sliced and ready for the pan along-side the other half being cooked.

Plantains by Deb. I like ’em crispy. Normally you wouldn’t squeeze so many into a small pan, but this was at an ill-equipped hostel and I had many mouths to feed.



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