Computer Talk Radio with Hannah in La Ceiba

Tonight I was with a new travel friend, Hannah, in the supermarket at the upscale mall in Honduras’ third largest city, La Ceiba, when Benjamin Rockwell called me on Voxer to tell me the evening’s recording schedule. Hannah and I decided to stay at the mall and enjoy it a while longer, so I did my segment from an electronics store in the mall.

Hannah has been on the road for a while, covering two hemispheres, so she did the 10 minute segment as my guest, sharing her travel technology experiences with our listeners.

Hannah’s stories:
1) Her PC died in Tulume, Mexico. A local computer tech found the issue to be a damaged RAM. This is a common issue, he said, due to humidity. It took three days for her new RAM to arrive so three days later, For 400 pesos (US$33), she had new RAM and was happily on her way again.

2) That humidity got to her speaker too. I suggested she gather some silica packets to place with the PC in case the damage isn’t permanent.

3) She loves traveling with her Kindle and was happy to find that Amazon was great about replacing it when her screen went bad after 8 months. She has had that replacement for another 8 months now and the first line of any book is not readable so it is time to get it replaced again. I spoke of a few other people I met in Roatan having had or needing replacements and Hannah reported that Amazon actually sent a replacement to Utila for one backpacker while he was there.

I have had people with me say hello, as I did last week from a local shop in Oakridge, Roatan, but I never had a guest live with me before. It was fun.

It was also fun to have a simple girls day of meandering through a city and mall. We tried on clothing, bought some, bought other stuff, shared stories.

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