Calabash Cove Day 2, The Sailboat

Today was a terrific day. Mark, owner of Turtlegrass Marina here in Calabash Cove took us out on his motorboat for a tour of the area. Now I have seen some of Roatan’s unique life on the water.

The island is mountainous so there is on,y one main road across it, with small offshoots leading to homes or neighborhoods. Many homes are right on the water, built on stilts, and boats are a major mode of transportation. Businesses are either a tad inland so you can still arrive by boat or they are right on the water.

The island, or at least this area, has many small inlets or waterways called Bites. Some passages are narrow and lined with mangroves so one proceeds slowly through them.

We went to a supermarket or general store that was pretty well stocked. I also bought some great tasting oranges from a fruit cart. They were green though so I am happy I asked if they were limes. I wanted to buy more but as soon as Isabella had picked out here few choices they were gone and yelling that they were going. The kids had to stall and begged me to hurry. Too bad I couldn’t get more. Ironically what I was buying was beyond the $50/week I was obliged to chip in and I always share with the kids, who are always hungry.

On the way back as I was sitting with the kids and enjoying the speed on the water, I didn’t get to hear all that Mark was telling B and I about the pirate history but I caught a lot. Definitely an interesting history. (And, yes, if you are wondering, there are stories of lost treasure.)

In the evening we had a Potluck dinner (at Paula’s request) with Mark and Lori, the owners and George, a solo cruiser who is anchored out there. I arranged with Lori that we could cook in the Cafe’s kitchen so we could spread out and have fun cooking together. However, coming back down to the boat near 4:30 to get I and carry the ingredients, I was told all the cooking was done – and I was asked, “what are you bringing to the dinner?” Oh…problem…I was sure that buying $73 of groceries when obligated to chip in $50 and buying meals for the kids and sharing my own purchased meals kind of covered me. I might not be eating this night. But Lori assured me she’d made plenty. I ate her contribution and did all the dishes.

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