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Our overnight stay at the Isrotel Ganim included a breakfast buffet, which is nice but given that, an indoor dinner buffet didn’t appeal to us. As hungry as we were, and as impatient as I was to eat, I was thrilled with my companion’s choice to find another place. Asking about dining options, our hotel staff first named only their food and their companion hotel’s supposedly fancy-style steakhouse.

Entrance-Taj-Mahal-restaurant-Ein-Bokek-Dead-Sea-IsraelBut as he asked about other options, we were told about Taj Mahal, which turned out to be just a 5 minute walk — at most, when walking slowly.

When it was described to us as Arabic style food, I wasn’t impressed and worried from experience that there would be nothing I could eat due to the strong use of cilantro (coriander or kosbarah in the middle-east).

When I arrived, met the owner, looked around, asked about kosbarah and read the menu, that changed fast! I loved this place and was so happy we’d found it! A more accurate description of the food is Middle Eastern food.

Enjoying the Taj Mahal Restaurant at the Dead Sea

Enjoying the Taj Mahal Restaurant at the Dead Sea

Fun Decor at the Taj Mahal restaurant, Ein Bokek, Dead Sea

The Taj Mahal restaurant is a very welcome change from the hotels that line the Ein Bokek area of the Dead Sea. It is outside! You have the benefit of cover without walls so you can feel the air and see the Dead Sea. You can choose from a range of seating styles: tables with comfy cushioned seats, benches and metal-backed chairs, cushion seating at low tables, and thick-cushioned lounge chairs around low tables. The decor is unique, fun and a bit eclectic. It is perhaps a mix of Indian and Arabic. Actually, I learned from the owner, her vision as she first saw the empty land was Bedouin and I can see that.

Peppered around you will find an antique sewing machine, metal scales, a collection of hookahs and a few Middle-Eastern or Bedouin-attired mannequins. Subtle-colored long fabrics are woven into the cloth roof, providing depth and flavor. (Not gaudiness, by far.) Along the outside, some tassels hang, as do a few beads. Again, soft and enjoyable. Instrumental music of an Indian flare flavors the air, not over-taking private conversations. No American pop and wining depressing songs bombarding you here!

Low-tables-Taj-Mahal-restaurant-Ein-Bokek-Dead-Sea-IsraelThe entire atmosphere promotes a comfortable, friendly, relaxing dining experience. The staff adds to this feeling. After your true, warm greeting — they truly enjoy their customers — should you ask about wine, you’ll be invited to come see the wines on display atop the nearby barrel.

As my companion and I dined, a world-savvy high-end magazine editor and her companion sat beside us. They too, were thrilled to leave out hotel and it’s confines and discover the Taj Mahal. He, carefully tasted/tested the wine he was offered and found it pleasing.

Of course, a comfortable atmosphere and staff isn’t enough if you don’t love the food being offered. I certainly loved this food, as did my companion and all of the people at surrounding tables.

Taj Mahal restaurant, Ein Bokek, Dead Sea Menu

The menu includes a full selection of meat skewers or patties.

My own choice was the Kebab: 4 nice-sized patties of a beef and lamb mix. The Kebab came on a hot plate topping lightly grilled onions. Each bite was perfect and juicy. I was feeling quite hungry so I ordered a plate of French Fries as well. They were excellent and the bowl of fries seemed bottomless. A group of 5 could have easily shared them. As it turned out, I really didn’t need to worry about my meal being enough. Sharon, the proprietress, told me she served the meat with a variety of salads and as each was so well made, I wished I had trusted her more on that!

My Kebab at the Taj Mahal. Great food with a Dead Sea view!

My Kebab at the Taj Mahal. Great food with a Dead Sea view!

My friend enjoyed the Skewers of Veal Sweetbreads very pleased with his large pieces of perfectly cooked lamb. Our neighbors each had other types of meat skewers including steak.

There are items on this menu to make anyone happy. Should you prefer chicken, you may have a Schitzel platter, Stir-fried chicken salad or Roasted chicken wigs and chili. There is a Chef Salad, Tuna, Falafel, and more. There’s also a hot dog or hamburger option, as well as a few fish options.

The menu options run pretty much from 35 NIS or $9 for Hot dogs to 39 NIS for hummus with meat, to 59-99NIS for meat skewers the 99 being for steak or veal. My Kabab was quite filling and was 59 NIS or $15.

The warm chocolate cake and ice cream (30NIS) for desert sounded fantastic to me, but I needed to save that treat for another time.

Great food reasonably priced and no cilantro (coriander, kosbarah) issues! I strongly recommend you make this one of your dining stops as you visit that hotel zone of the Dead Sea.

Taj Mahal Restaurant Facts

English Website
Phone: (from Israeli phone) 053-809-4823 • (from out of Israel) +972-53-809-4823
Email: Sharon Noach <>
Address: It shares the address of the Leonardo Inn Hotel Dead Sea and is on the other side of the swimming pool.

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