Another bite of life in another Roatan Bight

Friday May 18
It just finished raining but the clouds are still a bit gray. They still carry water. A fuzzy haze sits atop the green jungle-covered mountains in the nearby distance. Birds sing. I recognize several of their songs. There must be ground creatures calling as well, but I don’t know their calls yet. I only know that I love the sounds.


I am sitting in a house immediately where one steps off the ground and onto a wooden pier. To my right is one more house past it, over the water. To my left is a small store, planted firmly on the ground with a front door on the road. The shop is run by Delia’s uncle, with whom I have already enjoyed conversation. The front porch I sit upon faces a small over-the-water cottage and behind that, the homes of a few of Delia’s relatives. I love that I can walk out “my” front door and be at a shop to get food and drink. I love that I can take a very short walk and see Moorie and any of several other great relatives.


I was just done with Internet work and about to learn how to call for a passing dorrie when Richard and Sharia stopped at their aunt’s front door to pick me up on their way home from school. It was wild to have 11 year olds driving the boat.


The first thing I did upon arriving here today was spend time with Sharia. (Morrie was out fishing with an uncle.) But she went home to eat and her mom didn’t want her out in the rain. That is how I come to be sitting alone. I am enjoying simply watching the rain, the clouds, the patterns on the water, the boas going by, the people coming and going into Roy’s store and the occasional words that drift from there.

I washed a few articles of laundry because the garments really needed washing but the air is so thick with moisture that they won’t be much better for having been washed. I’ll do a proper wash when the sun comes out tomorrow.

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