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When I decided to pack up my belongings and travel some of our great world’s roads with just my Mac, a few select pieces of tech, and whatever clothing basics that fit into my convertible backpack, I had no idea just what adventures in tech I was personally in for!

What I knew: as long as I had my Mac I could continue to earn my living from wherever I was I’m the world. I would just need to not go off-grid (Internet grid and electrical grids, that is) for more than a week at a time. Easy, I thought.

What I learned: even living in another state, staying in my hometown of NY, it was not easy to work. (in fact I took on a job that was much larger than its description and was quickly overwhelmed trying to get online, do the job, and actually get out and about in NY.) Next I realized how much having my Mac made me worry about it And then I arrived in Cancun, Mexico and it was stolen – sending me on some crazy adventures in alternative work solutions.

I have a great deal to share here, even just from two weeks in Cancun. Posts will come slowly though as I am still trying to get one client’s website updated and fix email issues and am working only on a last generation iPhone.

So don’t stay tuned, but di come back now, ya’ll.

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