Life without email was hard

After I was robbed, I immediately changed passwords — and for my email, even changed the username. That was a mistake though, starting a chain reaction that left me unable to filter spam and to delete emails for about 6 days. I could’t find or notice real messages under the weight of the unwanted.

It was hard to give up my landline and physical address. It was harder to give up my AT&T cell number as that was my last phone line. But to lose access to my email, limited to wi-fi as it was, really cut me off. 

It was so great to get to my Merida CouchSurfing host, Daniel, and have a fellow Mac/iPhone geek to help me figure out the problem. I was great to not be alone in the problem. I am so happy to have my email back these past few days!

I will not always be near wi-fi. In fact, aside from being at Daniel’s, most days so far, I do not have any wi-fi or the signal is spotty. I am no longer the always reachable person I used to be. But email waits. And it is far faster and more up to date than the aerogram letters of old that waited at an AmEx office for a month or so before you arrived. I am connected. It works. We who live under constant wi-fi, all know we need to be less connected from the immediacy of email that pulls us under. I am leading the way. :)

But I am connected to my friends and family as well. (More about other connectivity apps soon.)


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