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A first aid kit must – ZipStitch or Steri Strips 1

You’re traveling, perhaps in a foreign country. You get cut/laceration/gash. What do you do? Do you need stitches? Or do you have what you need to close that gash? If you get cut while you’re traveling, will your first aid kit cut it? While traveling in populated areas, it’s likely you’ll be able to find medical treatment when you need it, but you might not always want to rush off to a doctor or hospital. I don’t offer you medical advice, but thought you might like to know about these First-Aid options to potentially pack into your travel bag. A backstory Twenty years ago I somehow cut my hand. It looked like might need stitches to close the gash but it wasn’t gushing blood. I wasn’t traveling at the time, but medical treatment in Los Angeles is costly, both in time and dollars, so washed it, I covered it with […]

Philippines Scammer Thieves: Gina in pink. Baya facing away.

Even grandmothers can con and drug you 2

This scam happened to a woman visiting the City of Manila in the Philippines. She is fine now but shared it so others may learn and avoid it. Others have reported something similar in other countries, even to a man in Japan. The getting-drugged part is extremely common but it typically happens to young travelers in bars, not a mid-day to mother, to an older woman.

The sad thing is that she enjoyed what she felt was an authentic experience with local women and she’d have been happy to pay for it — without being drugged and robbed.

British Pub Quiz Night – in Los Angeles

I’ve loved neighborhood pubs in England and Ireland when I lived or visited there. However, I wouldn’t typically have entered even a British style pub in Los Angeles.

But my British friend’s long-time friend from England told him about The Fox and Hounds, “a proper British pub” and it had a Quiz Night. That clinched our decision. On a Wednesday evening, we headed over Laurel Canyon…

Good, relaxed quiz, prizes, a new cider for me, great Steak n’ Ale Pie, Steak n’ Kidney Pie for my friend. I’ll definitely bring more people to The Fox and Hounds.