Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

Living on tacos; waiting for seafood

Living on Tacos in Merida, Mexico. In Cancun lived on Tacos and all other ready-made hot food at Chechrui, the local supermarket. Loving it. I expected seafood though, with the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean Coast. It was disappointing to learn from my friend Dalila that fishing wasn’t permitted on the coast in and near Cancun. It was also exciting to learn that in Chetumal there is seafood! I met a really nice guy (another CouchSurfing guy, friend of my host) who is from there and filled me in on his favorite restaurant. I’ll be dining there and posting about it for sure.

Sailing post, seeking crew work on private yacht

A message I posted in January while still in NYC and working out my next steps. It got me some advice, but not actual boat leads. My plan changed and I returned to LA, leaving the country from there. [Now we head into April and I am still on the lookout for boats.] American world traveler wanting to crew Caribbean, Latin America My name is Deborah and I don’t own a yacht but I’m on a quest to sail in the next months if people will allow me to come on board and contribute. A few months ago I learned I needed to give my rented LA condo back to my landlord to live in. It was the opening I’d wanted to travel again. (When I lost a great apt in my 20s I hit the road and backpacked about ½ the world by myself for a few years.) This […]