A bit of my travel philosophy via email list

Posting to a list I have been part of for many years, I asked if anyone had friends or family in any of the places I was considering heading to. I named the areas, of course. I hadn’t ask for lodging, meals, or advice, specifically. I’d have welcomed any of those things and most expected some advice. A woman I don’t know replied on the list saying that my request was too broad and I clearly needed a better plan.

She wrote:

Have you done any homework on the places you might visit? Your request is exceedingly broad. The Caribbean + Central America + South America is a large portion of the globe. Perhaps you could home in on a few locations in order to make it possible to help you. (I have two careers already!)

Clearly she missed the idea that when you post to a list, it is to all and is not an appeal for every list member to reply. However, this was my response on January 8, 2012:

Hello xxx

My request is what you call “random” because the world is a huge place and opportunities abound. I didn’t ask for a travel agent. (Reread my original post, [not] below.) I don’t seek a schedule or set agenda. Have you never walked down a path, seen a pretty flower or interesting tree off to the side in the distance and impulsively walked over to look at it? Seen a highway sign for a historic site 30 miles away? Well, once you’re in any one place, you hear of other places. That’s called travel (not being a tourist). I travel.

My post was a general call out. Someone here may have a relative/friend in a beautiful or interesting place and that person might love a Mac-savvy NY/CA person to come by and do in-house help and love the idea of showing off his/her area.

Think it doesn’t happen? That’s a sad thought. I lived this before and I’m simply heading out to live it again.

I said I don’t know any of the places yet. That’s correct. I have not been. But that doesn’t mean I have not met people who have been there, have not looked at maps.

Wouldn’t it be stupid to ask, does anyone have a friend I can stay with in San Juan, Puerto Rico? What if they have a friend in the next town over? What if they have a friend who loves company but doesn’t have a spare couch? What if they know a school teacher who’d love me to visit her class and talk with the kids but can’t put me up? What a LOT of missed opportunities that would be!

Thank you for your reply, xxx, as it gave me the opportunity to perhaps open up other ideas for opportunity to others here.


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