12 Reasons I wish I had invisibleSHIELD on my iPhone

Yup… there are at least 12 Reasons here why I wish I had a Zagg invisibleSHIELD on my iPhone

iPhone screen cracked

So many cracks…and chips as well.

Count ’em. There are at least 12 cracks in this mission-critical glass of my sole travel iPhone.

Every one of them would have been avoided if only I’d had Zagg’s military grade invisibleSHIELD covering that screen when it fell — and when my hiking boot fell right behind and on top of it… as the face hit the bare cement floor.

If I’d only taken the time to get a Zagg invisibleSHIELD for this phone before I’d left on my trip.

I knew better.

I have known the invisibleSHIELD since it first came out.

I’ve seen how it protects a device from a bag of nails and from so many other tests.

    1. I KNEW my trip would be hard on my electronics — especially the iPhone.

  1. I KNEW I’d be tossing my iPhone into pockets, backpack pockets, and waist packs that are all full of pens and coins and stuff.
  2. I KNEW I needed this phone to provide internet — for so many of my travel plans.
  3. I KNEW I wanted this phone to check up on CouchSurfers I might meet.
  4. I KNEW I needed this phone for what turned out to be using FaceBook Messenger, Voxer and WhatsApp Messenger to name a few.
  5. I KNEW I needed this phone to call people wherever I traveled as well as at home.
  6. I KNEW I needed this phone to record Computer Talk Radio, my weekly radio show — and other irresistible recordings.
  7. I KNEW I needed this phone as an alarm clock, which sometimes means placing it rather precariously.
  8. I KNEW I wanted to study Spanish on my iPhone (even when I had my Mac and RosettaStone).
  9. I KNEW I needed easily accessible Spanish.
  10. I KNEW I wanted to read books on my iPhone.
  11. I KNEW I wanted to play games at times.
  12. I KNEW I wanted to hear some of my music from time to time.

Oh, that’s another 12 reasons why I SHOULD have had invisibleSHIELD. 13 actually, and I could keep going.

My ten fingers and two ears might just add up to another 12 smudgy reasons (although I do love my Toddy Cloth, so maybe I’ll stop at two dozen reasons. Anyway, I only meant to show 12.

I’m also wishing I had a ZAGGskin or Zagg LEATHERskin on the phone too. That beautiful silver apple on the back of my iPhone brings joy to my eyes, but also brings dollar signs to the eyes of every would-be thief. (Well, maybe not dollar signs, but the signs for many other currencies abound where I’m traveling.)

Now that my screen has been replaced, I am hoping I can get an invisibleSHIELD down to where I am.

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