Read Sony ebook on iPhone

Do you want to download or re-download a Sony book onto your iPhone or iPad. I wanted to. Only there isn’t a Sony eBook reader app for iPad or iPhone. On the Mac, the reader was Adobe Reader. On the iPad though, I found that my Sony eBook opened up in OverDrive – “OverDrive Media Console.”

OverDrive is a free app I got to “take” books out of my public library systems.

On the iPad, I went to my Sony books page, looked at my account, and clicked the listing for my purchased book. I have to check back to elaborate on the steps here, but I was able to see and read my book by launching OverDrive.

I have not figured out why yet, but when I look on the Sony site from my iPhone, the book is not listed and I cannot download it. It appears that the iPhone interface is taken over by their large notice that Apple rejected their Sony eBook reader app.

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