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Double Duty Packing – Bring a Sarong 1

When living out of just one bag, every item matters For years, I have had a large black and white sarong that remained in my dresser drawer. I am not a sarong type of gal. But while packing up my home of many years and giving away my stuff, I recognized the value of this large, thin fabric garment. Some of the many uses for a sarong This light-weight garment plays several roles. In cold New York and Boston at the start of my trip, my sarong was my bathrobe, keeping me warm after a shower. This continues through much of my travels. In hot Mexico, it helped me dry off after a shower because in humidity my travel towel only does so much. At night in Mexico and later elsewhere in Central America,  when the fan blows to cool down the room and keep Mosquitos away, my sarong becomes a […]


A few hours ago, sitting with my iPhone at the dining room table of my CouchSurfing host, I read an email from an LA writer friend (I know through IWOSC.org) — and I jumped up saying Yeah! I literally jumped for joy and exclaimed “I am so lucky!” Funny how I found myself saying “I am so lucky” today.

iPhone as my only tool

I have loved the iPhone since the day it came out. Compared to the Palm Treo 700 I’d had, it was part miracle and part dream. I love all that the iPhone can do — but when that iPhone became my ONLY communication tool I started to truly feel its limitations. I am a professional writer. I need to write articles, to pen this blog (which is something that cannot be done in actual pen). I need to compose text for client websites. And I WANT to be able to write to friends. That’s a lot of thumb tying. 1) My thumbs are getting sprained. Seriously, after two weeks of this they hurt. 2) I cannot keep up with the thoughts in my head so I am losing words and ideas. 3) I am sick of typing the letter c instead of a space, thus (no, not this!) composing gibberish. […]