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Is your hair is getting knotty and hard to brush out as you travel? Cut it.

That’s not easy for a woman to do, so this can be big. Seriously, cut your hair. It’ll grow back. And shorter hair is freedom, except for some hair types. (If that’s you, ignore this.)

I cut my hair in early October and by November I was leaving torn hair behind, having to use a conditioner, was rethinking my shampoo choice. Suddenly I had the opportunity to have my hair cut (Gary, who has cut my hair most of my adult life was in NYC before heading out on his own South American travels. I expect you all get to meet a Gary somewhere in your travels and life.) Anyway, I met Gary in the city and had him cut it as short as he dared. The next day I had no knots and didn’t need conditioner. It also took less time to style. And after a few days I found it looks good without any blow-drying. So while I have a drier at my fingertips, I’ll use it. But when I’m out on the road I won’t miss it. In fact, it rained hard the other day and I saw that the bit of curl the rain added looked great. I can’t wait to have sailing hair. With my hair just short of my shoulders, but angled from the front to the back, it’s short enough to be easy but not short looking.

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