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White water rafting on the Kern River in Southern California

White water rafting in Southern California! About 21/2 hours north of Los Angeles, 60 miles NE of Bakersfield… by Deborah S. Shadovitz (A version of this was first written for ValleyLife Magazine, June 2009, when I was its Editor. On the web, I am able to elaborate and on my own site I can add some more of my own feelings.) As my friends and I meandered down a slower part of the River Kern on a warm summer day, I found myself thinking it’s a pity that every American doesn’t get to raft this beautiful river through this magnificent canyon. Rafting is a perfect shared experience: relaxation, flowing water, sun, great food, and the rewarding feeling of getting past hurdles because of teamwork. Since the mid-1970s, the Kern River has been a prime spot for rafting. One reason is Lake Isabella, which sits below the Upper Kern holding water […]

Meandering down the Kern River on a warm summer day.

Kernville Inn's view of the Frandy campground on the river.

Kernville & Lake Isabella: Places to Stay

(A version of this was first written for ValleyLife Magazine, June 2009, when I was its Editor. Both hotels are still in business in 2023.) The Kern River is close enough that from the Los Angeles area, you can leave home in the morning, enjoy a day or two on the river (camping overnight), and return home. One of my friends did just that. I wanted more relaxation so my other companion Lorrie and I stayed in Kernville before and after our two-day rafting holiday. For our first night, I wanted to experience the town, so I selected the Kernville Inn, which sits beside the river and is right on the main street. After our 2-day rafting trip, we stayed outside of town at Chuck Richard’s Falling Waters Resort. At both, our “room” included a kitchen and living room, great for families and long stays. Kernville Inn The 28-room Kernville […]